16 November 2011

Lodichka - Hand Made Jewels

Lodichka is a website that offers a selection of fabulous quality hand made vintage styled jewels. The stones are particularly special as they indeed are one of a kind. Lyudmila the website owner suggests, "you cannot find two of the same gemstones, they all have unique colours, patterns and shapes..." The photographs below provide proof! Please scroll downwards, look closely at these designs and visit the full website http://lodichka.com/ to view the entire amazing collection. 

Turquoise Gemstone

This particular gemstone is a 'symbol of friendship'
It is known to 'bring peace to home'
It is thought to 'carry great wisdom of basic truth'

Swarovski Vintage Necklace
This gemstone is Sterling silver plated. The detail of this necklace is tremendously beautiful, reminding myself of a sought for Victorian necklace. A fabulous stand out piece to wear upon a plain dress perhaps, allowing all attention to feast on nothing but the piece.

Pink Agate Ring

This ring amoungst others is a One Off. It has been created from a Druzy agate gemstone and sterling silver plated filigree stamping. The pink gemstone has speckles of purple throughout and if you look closely enough you can also see a variety of textures. It is over sized and as equally beautiful as the rest of the collection.  

Blue Agate Ring
Similarly to the above ring, this beauty is also a One Off and likewise made with a  Druzy Agate gemstone and sterling silver plated filigree stamp. The detailing to this particular ring does not fail to cause an ounce of shock due to its perfection. I am completely in love with this ring. Though, not only do I feel this is an outstanding piece of jewelry, but I believe the entire website Lodichka is filled with precious jewels. The price range is both affordable for the student and a mother who gains great pleasure from fine hard-stone carvings that you can be guaranteed to only own!

Pepper XO


  1. I love stones so for me the rings are truly amazing! x

  2. so pretty! love those stones. xo

  3. What gorgeous pieces- I can really see my mom loving so many of them!

  4. i love the last one!

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  5. Beautiful and unique pieces! i love that pink agate ring... it's so natural and raw



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